On cultive le plaisir et convivialité - Plaisirs Gastronomiques

A leader in innovation

Constantly evolving and on the lookout for the best tools and practices, like chefs, we adopt and integrate innovations.

Around the same big table

We like to bring people together around the table but above all, to bring them together around a common project: developing a strong brand that is open to others, humane and attentive to everyone’s needs.

An inclusive combination

Whatever your identity, culture, disability or social status, we joyfully and respectfully welcome you at Plaisirs Gastronomiques. If you want to contribute positively, wholeheartedly and skillfully to our mission, we’ll have fun together, both at work and in our social activities.

An enjoyment of sharing

We enjoy ourselves in groups through our interactions, laughter, tastings, exchanges of knowledge, social activities or our work meetings. Because working in a big family also forges some wonderful friendships.