Plaisirs Gastronomiques

Bite into your flavourful future as an

Equipment Cleaner Labourer

Plaisirs Gastronomiques - Emplois en production

Permanent, stable and full-time jobs

Because your enjoyment of work can only grow if the conditions are clear and balanced, PG shifts remain stable every week. If you work part-time, you can take advantage of tremendous flexibility and even tailor your schedule to your needs. In cooking, that’s what you call a delicious base.

Competitive employee benefits

We spice up the recipe for the ideal job with flexible leave and sick leave, bonuses given based on years of service, vacation periods adapted to your needs and enhanced after years of service and a host of other ingredients that make a difference.

A group insurance plan

Nous offrons un regime d’assurance collective adapté à vos besoins. We care about your health.

Employee discounts

Everything that leaves our kitchens will come into your home and delight your family and friends. Earn significant savings on your grocery bill.

Free parking space

Our facilities, which are close to major traffic arteries, are easy to get to and boast large parking lots that make your commute easier.

Uniforms provided

Each member of the big PG family working in a factory position is provided with clothing carefully chosen to maximize safety.

A diverse, inclusive workplace

The PG family is made up of women and men of all origins, some of whom have disabilities that shape their lives.

Work-study balance

With our flexible work schedule, you will never miss a class or exam. Our “tailor-made student schedule” option, determined according to a minimum number of weekly hours, is an A+ program.

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